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Processing of Maize grain, avail the different products like Starch, Glucose, Maize Gluten Meal, Web Maize Husk, Maize Germs etc. The Maize Germ which is a rich source of Fat or Oil content is processed through the Expeller technology to produce two products namely Maize Oil and Maize Oil Cake.

Maize oil cake is rich source of nutrition and is used as a concentrate source in the dairy Cattle feed.

Madhav Oil cake is manufactured from Maize Germs which is rich source of Fat

Madhav Maize oil cake is processed using best available Expeller Technology and manufactured under the supervision of experienced quality professionals.

Maize oil cake is rich source of nutrition and is used as a concentrate source of energy in the dairy Cattle feed.



  • Increase the milk fat %
  • Higher content of Oil will provide the energy to the animals.
  • The MOC contain the Vitamin E that is highly beneficial in reproduction process of dairy Cattle. Generally, other cake like cotton seed cake, Ground nut Cake or chuni or Korma are deficient or smaller in Vit. E
  • It has good digestibility as the crude fiber content is only 8-10 %.
  • Improves the animal health and resistant power against the diseases.
  • The oil has mostly unsaturated fatty acid that will help for the early pregnancy of the animals.


Sr. No. Brand Contain
1 Madhav
  • Protein :- 15 % minimum
  • Fat :- 08 % minimum
2 Madhav Gold
  • Protein :- 15 % minimum
  • Fat :- 10 % minimum
3 Madhav Diamond
  • Protein :- 16 % minimum
  • Fat :- 12 % minimum

how to use:


It is used by soaking in the water.



40 kg in PP Laminated Bag and 70 kg in Jute Bag.